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Lytchett RDA - Case Study
George Fripp
Me, mum and my little sister

My name is George Fripp and Iím four years old. I live in Corfe Mullen with my mum, dad and little sister. I was born with Spina Bifida, which makes getting around a little difficult sometimes. Mum says that soon Iíll be too big to be carried everywhere, so Iím trying to improve my upper body strength so that I can learn to walk with the aid of leg callipers and a walking frame. Hopefully thatíll give me more independence when I start first school in September.

Walk on!

Iíve been horse riding with the Riding for the Disabled Association group in Corfe Mullen for the past 7 months, and have loved every minute of it. The helpers at the stables are really kind and make it easy for me to get onto the ponies. They tell me what to do and what all the equipment is called, and they also keep telling me to keep my back nice and straight when Iím riding, which I try very hard to do. They walk beside me when Iím riding and are there ready to catch me if I wobble.

Riding my favourite pony Zena

I donít get the opportunity to take part in many outdoor activities, so itís brilliant to be in the fresh air with the ponies. My favourite pony is Zena - she is big and white, and has a gentle personality. Riding her is really good fun, and it makes me feel great being high up on her back, where I get to be taller than everybody else! Horse riding has been good for me too, as it has improved my muscle tone, particularly in my trunk. Iím totally exhausted by the end of the session, but I canít wait for next week to come around, so that I can go riding again!